Face Pencil Sketch | Fashion Girl Face Sketch

Face Pencil Sketch | Fashion Girl Face Sketch

Pencil sketching is used to create amazing forms of art. It needs less material compared with other arts like painting. A simple expression of an image reflects a perfect look of the object. In general behavior, we can say that pencil sketching is a cheap, inexpensive, reasonable, and acceptable kind of art.

Today we will make a face pencil sketch of a fashion girl. Here we are going to throwing lighter light on sketching a face pencil sketch of a beautiful and fashion girl. By using below described steps you will have stunning looking face pencil sketch. Face pencil sketch will add a glamour in your sketching collection.

To sketch a girl’s face, we need some tools that are necessary for our drawing.

Requirements for pencil sketching

  1. DOMS pencil( zoom ultimate dark )
  1. Art pencil
  2. Eraser
  3. Scale
  4. Blending stump tool
  5. Compass
  6. Sharpener

Guidelines to draw a girl face pencil sketch

To draw a girl’s face accurately, follow the given steps carefully. So you may get your desired results for your sketching.

Step 1

  Face Pencil Sketch                       

Set your paper on the paper board. Start drawing. By using a scale, draw two parallel vertical lines of 15.8cm. Now draw a circle around the line by using a compass. Mark points on the line at the distance of 3.6cm, 9.9cm, 12.7cm, and 13.6cm respectively. Draw straight horizontal lines on the marked points that are intersecting the right side of the circle. By matching the lines, dots and circles, draw the baselines for nose, chin, hair, and head. As shown in the above figure.

Step 2

Face Pencil Sketch

Measure the right and left side from the middle line of the face. It is 3.5cm, 1.8cm, and 4cm from the eyes, nose, and lips respectively. According to the baselines, draw the nose, eyes, and central line for lips. Draw the line for eye puppet and eyebrow. Now make the upper and lower lips of the girl. After finishing this, remove the extra baselines by using an eraser. Now draw the eyelashes of the girl. Follow the above figure.

Step 3

Face Pencil Sketch

Now remove the rough outlines of hair. Draw a flowery bunch on the top of the head. Draw a curved line on the back top of the flowers. Now make smooth and plain sectional parts for hair. Thick the outlines of the hair, eyes, and eyebrows. Give dark shading to the eyebrows. As shown in the picture.

Step 4

Face Pencil Sketch

Thick the outlines of the flowers. Now blend it by using a blending tool or cotton buds. The blending tool will give a plain and shadowy look. Use it across your drawing, on lips, face, hair, and eyes. Make airlines clear and visible.

Step 5

Face Pencil Sketch

After blending, now start shading in the hair. Start from the first layer of the hair. Shade the hair in the way that your pencil moves from lower to the upper side and upper to lower. Complete the shading on the left side. Now start shading on the right side in the same way.

Step 6

Face Pencil Sketch

Complete the shading on the right and left side of the head. Now start shading in the top portion of the hair. Make sections to start shading. And complete each section carefully. Give a shiny look to the hair with your pencil.

Face Pencil Sketch

Now using a pencil, thick the layers of the hair. Give it a final touch.

A beautiful girl face pencil sketch has been prepared now.

Additional tips for better sketching

Here are given some basic and additional info about pencil sketching you may learn the know-how of pencil sketching.

  1. Be careful about the pencil smudges.
  2. Always take a start from basic shapes
  3. Draw an object again and again to get fairer results than before.
  4. The first step is never easy. Be patient and keep on practicing to make it easy.
  5. Follow some experienced artists.

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