Face Drawing | Learn Easy Drawing Free Now

Face Drawing: Here we are going to draw the face of the girl. The given face drawing techniques will help beginners a lot.

Required tools for face drawing

For face drawing, you need some requirements that are given below.

  • Drawing paper
  • Drawing board
  • DOMS 4B pencil
  • Eraser
  • Sharpener
  • Scale
  • Cotton buds
  • Paintbrush

Step by Step guidelines for the face drawing

Here is given the comprehensive guide for the face drawing. Do follow the given steps carefully.

Face Drawing Step 1Face Drawing| Learn Drawing Free

At the starting point, adjust the drawing paper on the drawing board. Using scale and DOMS 4B pencil, draw a vertical line whose length is 8cm. Mark three dots on this line. The marked dots lie on the distance of 3.4cm, 5cm, and 6cm. Draw a line emerging from the first mark to the left side having a length of 1.7cm.

Now draw the line from the same point of 2.5cm. Mark a dot at a 2cm distance from the line. Trace two more dots right in front of the vertical dots. The distance of dots from the line is 4cm and 3.5cm respectively. Join the last two dots from the outer side using a curved line. This is the line for the ear. Draw the inner line of the ear. As you can see from the picture.

Face Drawing Step 2

Face Drawing| Learn Drawing Free

In the 2nd step, outline the face using the baselines of the face.  After this, draw the head, chin, and cheeks outlines. Trace some arc lines to the right side of the forehead. According to the picture, outline the neck of the girl. To draw accurate lines, follow the given picture of step 2.

Face Drawing Step 3

Face Drawing| Learn Drawing Free

In this step, continue the sketching of the face. Using the horizontal baselines of eyes, draw the right, and left an outline of the eyes. Draw circular lines in the eyes. These circles are the eye lens. Trace the eyelid line now. Remove the baseline of the eyes using an eraser.

Now draw a horizontal baseline for the eyebrows of the girl. Then draw a curved line for eyebrows. Above this curved line, draw one more line to give eyebrows a perfect shape. Thick the lines of eyelids. Fill the dark color of the pencil to the inner part of the eye lenses.

Face Drawing Step 4

Face Drawing| Learn Drawing Free

In this step, draw the hairs of eyebrows. Trace the hairs using eyebrows’ outlines. Using an eraser, remove the baselines of the eyebrows. Now turn your focus to the nose and lips. By using the central baseline of the face, draw the line of the nose. Create nostrils to the right and left side of the nose line. Draw the central line of lips.

Following this central line, trace the upper and lower lip of the girl. The mouth of the girl is a bit open. Trace two teeth that can be seen from outside. Start light shading to the whole parts of the face. Blend the shading using cotton buds. Create softness in each part of the drawing.               

Face Drawing Step 5

Face Drawing| Learn Drawing Free

In the 5th step of drawing a face, thick the outlines of lips and eyelids. Now trace the hairstyle outline of the girl. Draw a wavy bun style on the top of the head. Only outline the hairs. Trace some hairs coming to the sides of the face. As you can see from the picture above.

Face Drawing Step 6

Face Drawing| Learn Drawing Free

In the last step of drawing, start the shading of hairs. Give shade to each layer of the hairs separately. Create shine in the center of each layer by leaving some space without shading. Thick the outlines of hairs were needed to make them visible.

The face drawing of a girl is complete now. You can easily draw this by following the special techniques. Watch below the complete tutorial for a better understanding of the steps.



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