Eye Sketch | Eye Sketch With A Tear Drop

Eye Sketch | Eye Sketch With A Tear Drop

Pencil sketching, pencil tracing, or pencil outlining is such a fantastic and fabulous kind of art that gives a chance to its lovers to describe their art. No other kind of art exists in such a reasonable configuration as pencil sketching is.

We are going to make an eye sketch with a tear drop. We will try to cover all the basic step to make an eye sketch with a tear drop.

For sketching an eye sketch with a tear drop. You need to  just follow the easy and simple steps that are given in this section.

Requirements for sketching

There are some necessary tools that you require to complete an eye sketch with a tear drop.. The tools are given below.            

  1. Drawing paper and drawing board
  2. DOMS pencil

( zoom ultimate dark 4B)

  1. Art line pencil (8B)
  2. Eraser
  3. Sharpener
  4. Scale
  5. Blending stump tool
  6. Paintbrush/makeup brush
  7. Correction pen/ whitener

Step by Step guidelines to draw an eye with a teardrop

Here we are going to describe some guidelines that will help you out in your drawing.

Follow the given instructions below.

Step 1

Eye Sketch With A Tear Drop

Firstly set your drawing paper on the drawing board. Draw a straight horizontal line on the paper. Now draw a curved line on the upper side of the horizontal line and one curved line to the lower side of the straight line. As shown in the figure. Draw two circles of the different radius on the inner side of the curved lines. Remove the extra circle from outside by using an eraser. On the corner of the inner small circle, draw two tiny squares. Now draw one more arc on the upper side of this shape.

 Step 2

Eye Sketch With A Tear Drop

Draw a horizontal line on the top of the eye. Now draw a vertical line in the middle of this horizontal line. These are the baselines for eyebrows. Following these baselines, draw outlines of the eyebrows. Remove extra lines of eye and eyebrow. Start shading in the innermost circle of the eye. Give it the darkest color. Leave a minor space without shading to get a shiny effect. Now draw the rays lines to the outer side of the circle. Start shading in the lens. Follow the given picture.

Step 3

Eye Sketch With A Tear Drop

Now draw rays lines to the eye lens. Complete the shading process in the eye lens. Use a blending tool to blend its shading. Blending creates smoothness in the coloring part and softens the composition.

Step 4

Eye Sketch With A Tear Drop

After blending, thick the outline of the eye puppet. Shade and blend the upper and lower side of the eye. Blend it with cotton buds or blending stumps. Follow the figure above.

Step 5

Eye Sketch With A Tear Drop


Now start working on the creation of eyelashes. Take an art line pencil (8B). Draw arcs of different sized on the corners of the eye puppet. Give these arcs the shape of eyelashes.

Do the same thing to the lower side. And start working on the teardrop. Draw a drop of water coming from the middle of the eye by using a 4B pencil.

Step 6

Eye Sketch With A Tear Drop


Take a correction pen or whitening pen. Make small dots in the tear and the eye corner to get a look of water shine in the eye. Make a bit shadow of a teardrop under the eye by using the 4B pencil. Eye’s look is perfect now. Switch your attention toward eyebrows.

We are going to draw the hair of the eyebrows. Use an 8B pencil for this purpose to get the thickest color. Draw hair by using “V” shape lines. Complete to draw eyebrows. Use a paintbrush or makeup brush to blend the eyebrows color.

Step 7

Eye Sketch With A Tear Drop

Complete the shading process properly. A beautiful eye sketch with a tear drop is complete now.

You can get explained information about steps to make an eye sketch with a tear drop in the given below video tutorial.

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