How to Draw an Eagle in 4 easy steps

draw an Eagle: In our drawing class today, we will draw an Eagle with the help of a pencil. This is a very beautiful and easy drawing.

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In today’s class, we will Draw an eagle with the help of a simple drawing. let’s start.

Let me tell you what we need to draw a simple and easy eagle.

To make a simple and beautiful eagle, you need a drawing pencil and drawing paper. It also requires a drawing board.

First Step To Draw an Eagle

First we put four stops at the corners of squares.Then following the plane of four dots, we put four other dots in rows.This gives the shape as,

Draw an eagle

Second Step To Draw an Eagle

Draw four crosses in full stops plane. Upper adjacent crosses make the head and neck of Eagle. Upper extremes corners of crosses are extended by a line to give shape of feathers.

By its beak, the beautiful oval eye of the Eagle is drawn as shown in fig.

Draw an Eagle


Third Step To Draw an Eagle

Lower two corners of crosses give feathers of Eagle.To its beauty , we draw curves as we are going to draw a flying Eagle.

Draw an Eagle

Final Step To Draw an Eagle

Finally , we draw its curves of neck and tail to give them presentable shape.

If you did not get any step, the video is here for the explanation.

How to draw an Eagle ? Watch complete video.



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