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 draw a girl with pencil sketch

Pencil sketching is an art. It is a technique of drawing that is used in a particular way. In sketching, you have to complete your visualization into simple but attractive form. It is never easy to use a free hand tool for beginners. With some practice, they can able to sketch something. Here we will discuss how to draw a girl sketch with a pencil step by step.

Required material for sketching

Some necessary material for pencil sketching is given below:

  1. Lead pencils (it is better to have a complete set of leads). DOMS (zoom ultimate dark pencil).
  2. Eraser
  3. Sharpener
  4. Scale
  5. Drawing board and drawing paper

 Basic steps to draw girl sketch

Here are some basic steps to draw a stylish girl sketch.

Step 1

girl sketch

Adjust drawing paper on the drawing board. Start by drawing a vertical line at the end of the paper. Now draw the arms of the girl in the following way as shown in the figure. Draw hands and fingers as shown below.

Step 2


girl sketch

For drawing a face, draw a vertical line. Then draw a horizontal line that intersects the vertical line. Draw a circle around these lines. For sketching the hair portion, draw a curved outline over a circled line. Follow the figure below.

Step 3

Draw the ears of the girl at each side of the vertical line. Draw two horizontal lines interesting the vertical line. By making dots on the horizontal lines, you will create a base for sketching the eyes of the girl.

Now complete eyes, eyebrows, and eyelashes by following the marked dots. In the same way draw nose, upper and lower lips. Try to give them a perfect and natural look, keeping in mind to close one eye of the girl in your sketch. Remove vertical and horizontal baselines by using an eraser.

Step 4

Draw the shoulder and arms of the girl. Make a peony flower on the top of the head. Draw outlines for hairs on right and left side of the peony flower.

Step 5

girl sketch


Draw sectional parts for hairs. Follow the figure below. Make sure to draw waving hair. Use a blending piece or paintbrush to blend shading parts on the face. Shade the sectional hair one after the other. Be careful in shading so you can get the original look of hair.

Step 6

girl sketch

Make small dots in pony flowers. Color the light shade in the arms and shoulders and hands of the girl. Thick the outlines to get them more visible. Use a paintbrush to blend this shading.

A beautiful girl sketch is ready now. Sketching helps a lot in different parts of life. As you can use the sketching process for different type of educational subjects. You can also make money through sketching for different kinds of rare objects. Beautiful girl sketch will help you to know the basic fundamental of sketching.

 Basic instructions regarding pencil sketch

  1. Always use a sharp pencil for sketching.
  2. Use 2B and HB pencil for higher and lower blackness respectively.
  3. Sketching represents the visualization. So you have to be more careful about every single dot to get your desired look.
  4. Use high-quality graphite leads set for sketching.
  5. For sketching, you must know the basic knowledge about angles.
  6. Try to learn sketching with simple basic shapes like circle, cylinder oval, cuboids, and cube.

7: First you should learn the fundamentals of sketching. Try to get an understanding of the angles and the basic shapes.

8: Pencil sketching is a skill that can be learned by practice. Follow this great saying, “Practice makes a man perfect.”

9: Generally HB or H pencils are best for sketching. For shading, you should use 4B or 6B leads.

10: Drawing baseline horizontally or vertically is always helpful to stay on the right angle.

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