Dragon Drawing | How To Draw A Realistic Dragon

Dragon Drawing: Drawing is a wide and broad form of art. Its essence consists of depth. This depth covers humans, animals, birds, nature, imagination, and many more aspects.

When we talk about the animals drawing, it not only surrounds the original but also conceptual animals. Using the imaginary life of animals, here we are going to draw a three-headed dragon that is also called a hydra.

The three-headed dragon is an animal character in the movie “Godzilla”. In this movie, the name of the three-headed monster was “Ghidorah”.

Requirements for the drawing

Here is given the vital tools for the drawing of three-headed dragons. The required material is accessible and easily affordable. So do get these tools and start drawing a monster

  • Drawing paper
  • Drawing board
  • Lead pencil
  • Eraser
  • Sharpener
  • Black marker/pointer
  • Faber castle color pencil

Step by Step guidelines for “Ghidorah” drawing

In this section, a detailed description of each step is given. Get an understanding of the drawing of the dragon and start the procedure.

Dragon Drawing Step 1

Dragon Drawing| How To Draw A Realistic Dragon In Easy Steps

In the first step of drawing, adjust your drawing paper and drawing board. Using a black marker, start to draw the structure of the dragon. If you are not good at drawing, you may also use a lead pencil for the drawing process. So you may be able to remove your mistakes.

Draw three curved heads of the dragon. Join three heads and necks with one point coming to the abdomen of the dragon. Now draw the paws of the dragon. As you can see in the picture above.

Dragon Drawing Step 2

Dragon Drawing| How To Draw A Realistic Dragon In Easy Steps

In this step, draw the curved outline for the tail of the dragon emerging from the back of the dragon. Then draw the right and left-sided wings of the dragon. After that draw, the structural lines for the wings as the given picture is describing the whole shape of the wings.

Dragon Drawing Step 3

Dragon Drawing| How To Draw A Realistic Dragon In Easy Steps

In the 3rd step of the drawing, draw the eyes of the three heads of the dragon. Then draw the teeth for each head. Trace the lines for two horns at the three heads. Draw small lines as the scales of the dragon as you can see in the picture above. Start drawing zigzag lines on the skin of the dragon.

Dragon Drawing Step 4

Dragon Drawing| How To Draw A Realistic Dragon In Easy Steps

In the fourth step, draw scaly lines on the tail of the dragon. Also, draw double lines in the structure of the wings. Now, the basic structure of the dragon is complete.

Dragon Drawing Step 5

Dragon Drawing| How To Draw A Realistic Dragon In Easy Steps

In the next step, start the coloring process of the hydra. Using yellow pencil color, fill the scales of the dragon. Starting from the inner side of the head, neck, and abdomen, fill the color to the wings and scales of the tail.

Use brown color for the outer surface of the skin. Fill the color to the horns and thorny surface. Also, use this color for the filling of the inner thin lines of wings. use red color for the central skin of the dragon. Follow the given picture for getting fine results.

Dragon Drawing Step 6

Dragon Drawing| How To Draw A Realistic Dragon In Easy Steps

In the final step of a three-headed dragon drawing, use red color to the yellow parts of the wings. The combination of yellow and red will create a blackish orange look to the wings of the dragon. Now use black color to the lower body. Blend the light shade on the scales of the dragon.

The drawing of a three-headed (hydra) dragon is complete now. Watch below the video of the complete steps for proper guidance.

Structural information about dragons

Chinese usually said that dragons are the compositional form of nine animals. They have the head of a camel, neck of a snake, scales of carp, claws of an eagle, the horns of a deer, eyes of the devil, the abdomen of the cockle, ears of an ox, and paws of a tiger.

Living place of dragons

Dragons live in the palaces under the ocean. Some of the dragons live in caves and mountains.


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