DIY Toys | how to make Beautiful toys At Home

DIY Toys: Welcome, we will make children’s toys in our class today. You can make a lot of things from waste material at home and you can earn thousands or even millions of rupees.

If you are a housewife or sitting at home in the days of Corona, it is better to spend your precious time in our valuable classes we have Posted a lot of creative Drawing ideas, Crafts and painting methods.  Also, let your children follow our website so that your children can be creative.

Let’s learn how we can easily make DIY Toys at home. But before I start class, let me tell you what we need to make these toys.

Basic Requirments for DIY Toys Handmade

  • 9v Battery
  • Battery Cap
  • Switch
  • DC motor
  • CardBoard
  • Glue gun
  • Toy car tires

DIY Toys Making Procedure

First, make a connection with the battery and switch and D-motor. Then Cut the cardboard according to the measurements given in the pictureDIY Toys


The DC motor will be pasted on cardboard with the back tires. With the help of the glue gun, the battery will be fitted on top of the DC motor. Next, we will put the switch on one side.

Fit the car tires with the DC motor and make a truck-shaped frame out of cardboard. We will glue them all together. Our toy car will be ready. Watch video of the complete toy car making procedure.




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