Disney Princess Elsa | Learn Sketching In Easy Steps

Disney Princess Elsa | Learn Sketching In Easy Steps

Disney princess Elsa is also known as the queen of snow. She is the protagonist of the animated film FROZEN. The sister of Queen Anna (Elsa) had authority on snow. That is why she is also known as snow Queen.

Here we are going to sketch  Disney princess Elsa. Here we will follow her complete look and special style that she holds on to.

Requirements for sketching

Assemble the given material and start drawing

  1. Drawing paper with a drawing board
  2. DOMS 4B pencil(Zoom ultimate dark)
  1. Eraser
  2. Sharpener
  3. Measuring scale
  4. Blending stump tool

Step by step guidelines for pencil sketching

Here is given the complete guide for sketching your favorite character Disney princess Elsa. Do follow the given steps start sketching to Disney princes Elsa..

Step 1

Disney Princess Elsa | Learn Sketching In Easy Steps

Set your drawing paper on the drawing board. Using a scale, draw two rectangular shapes. The measurement for the first rectangle is 5.3cm × 5cm. While the second rectangle is of 8cm × 9cm. The distance between these rectangles is 2cm. As shown in the above picture.

Step 2

Disney Princess Elsa | Learn Sketching In Easy Steps

Draw a straight vertical line in the second rectangle whose distance from the right side is 1.3cm. Draw some hypotenuse lines in the first rectangle as shown in the figure. All these lines are the baselines for the structural parts of the Disney princess Elsa.

According to the first rectangle, draw the face outline of the princess keeping in mind the given angles. Now draw the eye lines and eyelashes. Thick the corners of eyelashes. Give them a perfect shape according to the shown figure.

Step 3

Disney Princess Elsa | Learn Sketching In Easy Steps

In step 3, remove the baselines of the face with an eraser. In other words, remove the first rectangle. Draw two circles in the eyes. These are eye lenses. Draw lines above the eyes.

Now create eyebrows. Give dark shading to eyebrows. According to the baseline, draw nose lines. Now trace the lips of the princess as shown in the picture above. And remove the baselines of eyes.

Step 4

Disney Princess Elsa | Learn Sketching In Easy Steps

Remove the baseline of the nose by using an eraser. Now draw the line for the forehead and trace the main lines of hairs using the special technical hairstyle of princess Elsa.

Draw ear lines now. Trace the neckline. Create a triangle in the second rectangle whose measurement is given in the picture. Draw base, hypotenuse, and altitude lines by following the picture above.

Step 5

Disney Princess Elsa | Learn Sketching In Easy Steps

After drawing the baselines for the body of princess Elsa, now draw a braided hairstyle according to the picture. Draw each line for a hairstyle carefully.

Draw the right and left arm of the princess. Trace the lines for the waist and breast. Draw lines of the dress. Remove the extra lines including the second rectangle. Follow the given picture.

Step 6

Disney Princess Elsa | Learn Sketching In Easy Steps

In the 6th step, using a pencil, give dark shade to the inner eye lens, and light shade to the outer side of the lens. Draw more lines in the braided hair as you can see in the given picture above. Now using a scale, draw two parallel lines for the arm and hand of the princess. Start lines from the elbow. Now draw the fingers of Elsa in her specific style.

Step 7

Disney Princess Elsa | Learn Sketching In Easy Steps

In the final step, start filling in the hair of the princess. Use your pencil with a special technical style. In each section of hair, starting from the upper to the lower side and lower to the upper side, leave some space to create a shiny look of hairs.

Complete the hair shading in the same way. Thick the shading where needed. Fill a light shade in the dress and create a dotted pattern in the sleeves and neck design. Using a blending stump tool, blend and soften the different parts like dress, eyes, arms, nose, and ears.

Finally, the sketch of a Disney princess Elsa is complete now. A complete video tutorial to make Disney princess Elsa sketch is given below.


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