Cute Rudolph Drawing | Draw a reindeer in 7 Easy steps

Cute Rudolph Drawing: Rudolph is a very cute red nose reindeer. It is narrated as the ninth youngest reindeer. It is usually famous due to its red nose.

Today in this drawing session we are going to draw a red nose, Rudolph. This drawing session will cover all the basic steps to make this Rudolph drawing. Just follow the given steps and you will definitely get a unique result.

Required material for Cute Rudolph Drawing:

The required tools for this drawing are not expensive. Just simple and easily accessible material is required. Arrange the following given material to get the desired drawing.

  • Drawing board
  • Drawing paper
  • Black marker
  • Colors ( Sienna brown, sky blue, red, yellow-green, brown).

Step by step guidelines For Cute Rudolph Drawing

There is a step by step guidelines. Each step is described in complete detail. Get instructions by carefully following each step and get the desired results.

Cute Rudolph Drawing Step 1

Cute Rudolph Drawing


First of all set the paper on board. In the first step of drawing, we are going to draw the eye and nose outline of Rudolph. For the nose, draw an oval shape in the center. On the upper side of this, draw two small eye circles. Follow the above figure.


Cute Rudolph Drawing Step 2

Cute Rudolph Drawing


In the second step of drawing, let’s move toward the eyes. Draw two small circles in the eye. After this, draw a curved line to the bottom of the eye. Then shades the upper portion of the eye.

Trace very small lines on the bottom area. Do the same procedure with the second eye. On the upper side of the eyes, draw minute marks for eyebrows. Move to the underside of the nose and draw a small curve line. You can follow the given figure as shown above.


Cute Rudolph Drawing Step 3

Cute Rudolph Drawing


In this third step of drawing, we are going to draw the face line and ears of Rudolph. To draw a face line, take start from near the eye by a slightly curved line and move to the underneath of the nose to connect two lines. Complete the face outline on the upper side by drawing a curved line.

Now draw two curves on the forehead that is is empty. Now draw the ear of Rudolph on the left side. Do the same thing on the right side. Also shown above in the figure.

Cute Rudolph Drawing Step 4

Cute Rudolph Drawing

After covering the face area, let’s move toward the head and draw the horns of the Rudolph. Follow the above figure.

trace the neckline. Then draw the backside of Rudolph. After this draw the front side of the body. Trace two lines with a minute curve to draw the limbs of Rudolph and then draw zig zag lines to make afoot. Now Draw another limb by doing the same procedure.

After this, draw the back legs. Then draw zig-zag lines on the end of the legs to draw the feet of the Rudolph. Follow the above figure for better understanding.

Cute Rudolph Drawing Step 5

Cute Rudolph Drawing



Now draw the tail of Rudolph by drawing a little bit curve and zig-zag line and then again curve. After completing the tail, now decorate the scarf that is in the neck. Draw vertical lines on the scarf to give an adorable look. You can also follow the above image.

Cute Rudolph Drawing Step 6Cute Rudolph Drawing


In the last step of drawing, we are going to fill color in the image. Apply sienna brown color on the body of cute Rudolph. Use pink color in the ears. Brown color in horns.

Let’s move to the nose and fill the red color in it. Take sky blue color and fill in the bottom area of the eyes and also on the ground. Apply colors in a scarf. Use red and yellow-green color in the scarf. Finally, the beautiful image of cute Rudolph is ready to see. Also shown above in figure.

For better help in drawing, watch below the complete tutorial.



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