Cute Girl Drawing | Learn Pencil Drawing

Cute Girl Drawing: Drawing is an excellent kind of art that is used to create extraordinary objects and images. Drawing is of two kinds.

  1. Colorful drawing
  2. Colorless drawing

Although both of these types of drawings are equally important and fun creating. However, the colorful drawing is a fantastic kind of drawing. It creates more colors in your drawing not only for artists but also for its viewers.

Here we are going to make cute girl drawing. The drawing is so simple in look. The girl’s look is stunning, having red lips. The appearance is gorgeous. Hope you will love to learn and draw this amazing drawing.

Requirements of the drawing of the girl

Here is given the tools that are necessary for this drawing

  • Drawing paper along with drawing board
  • DOMS 4B pencil( zoom ultimate dark)
  • Eraser
  • Measuring scale
  • Sharpener
  • Blending tool/ cotton buds
  • Red-colored pen

Step by step guidelines of drawing

Here is given the complete guide for the drawing of the beautiful girl with red lips. Must follow the given guidance and pictures throughout the understanding.

 Cute Girl Drawing Step 1

Cute Girl Drawing | Learn Pencil Drawing

Set your drawing paper with a drawing board. Using a scale, draw a straight, vertical line whose length is 10.2cm. Mark four points on this vertical line having a distance of 3.3cm, 3.9cm, 6.9cm, and 8cm respectively. Draw a horizontal line at the 2nd point whose length is 8.2cm.

Now draw a horizontal line on the fourth point of the vertical line. Trace two lines emerging from 1st point, making an angle at both sides of the vertical line. All these lines are the baselines for the face of the girl.

 Cute Girl Drawing Step 2

Cute Girl Drawing | Learn Pencil Drawing

Using the horizontal baselines for the eyes, draw the lines for eyelids of the left and right eye. Now draw the eyebrow lines according to their baselines. Following the vertical baseline of the nose, draw the nose of the girl.

As you can see in the picture above. Make the central line of the lips. Then draw small lines for upper and lower lips according to the picture.

Cute Girl Drawing Step 3

Cute Girl Drawing | Learn Pencil Drawing

 In the 3rd step, draw the complete look of lips. Now draw the chin line of the girl. Sketch the face outline as shown in the picture above. Use an eraser to remove the baselines of eyebrows, eyelashes, nose, lips, and chin.                             

 Cute Girl Drawing Step 4 

Cute Girl Drawing | Learn Pencil Drawing

In this step, draw the curved line for hands now. Draw four parallel and curved lines to draw four fingers of the girl. Remember to keep the forefinger under the chin. Start sketching nails for each finger separately. As you can observe in the picture above.

Cute Girl Drawing Step 5

Cute Girl Drawing | Learn Pencil Drawing

In the 5th step, draw the eyelash hairs of the girl. After that draw eyebrows outline at left and right-sided eyes. Follow the given picture for the exact drawing of each part.

Cute Girl Drawing Step 6 

Cute Girl Drawing | Learn Pencil Drawing

In the 6th step of drawing a girl, draw the hair of the eyebrows. Thick the hairs of eyebrows. Now draw the hairs of eyelashes with a complete thick look of hairs. Using a blending stump tool, create softness in eyebrows and eyelashes.

Cute Girl Drawing Step 7 

Cute Girl Drawing | Learn Pencil Drawing

In the seventh and final step of drawing, start shading and blending to different parts of the drawing. Using a light shade of the pencil, shade the arm lines, finger, face outline, and upper portion of eyes.

Start blending. Blend the shade using a blending stump tool. Try to create a soft and shiny look in the drawing. Using a red color pen, color the lips of the girl. Fill red color in the nails of the girl.

A cute girl drawing having red lips is ” is complete now. Watch below the complete video tutorial.



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