36 Easy Steps To Make Crochet Cowl | Scarf

36 easy steps to make crochet cowl/scarf

Crochet scarf


This article will guide to:

1) Brief introduction to crochet cowl/scarf

2) Required material for crochet scarf

3) 36 easy steps to make crochet cowl/scarf

4) Uses of crochet scarf

5) Basic instruction to follow.


Brief introduction to crochet cowl/scarf


The crochet scarf is a gorgeous and stylish winter dress. It is baby wear to save them from severe weather conditions. It’s very easy to crochet a scarf by following 36 easy steps to  make crochet cowl/scarf.

A beginner needs a little more attention in crocheting. Here we will discuss how to crochet infinity scarf/cowl. By following the steps and guidance you can make a crochet scarf for your babies. Let’s begin!


 Required material for crochet scarf


1) Crochet needle 4mm

2) Crochet stitch counter

3) The Double knitting yarn 4mm of dark brown and light brown color.

4) Scissors

5) Measuring device


 36 easy steps to make crochet cowl/scarf

1) Take light brown color yarn and crochet.

2) Starting with loops, make chains. Count chains by using a crochet stitch counter device.

3) Complete fifty-one chains. Round 1 is complete.

4) Turn your work side.

5) Make one double crochet with one chain, skip the next chain.

6) Make four double crochet in four chains.

7) Now skip one chain and make four double Crochet into the next chain.

8) Complete round 2 by following step 7.

9) Complete round 2 as it started. Make one double crochet with the last chain.

10) Measure the length of the prepared piece. It will be 12 inches.

11) Turn your side work. Start round 3.

12) Press single crochet and lift the next double crochet by using a crochet needle.

13) Make single crochet and three chains respectively.

14) Make three double Crochet.

15) Now skip three double crochet and make single crochet around the next double crochet.

16) Make three chains and three double crochet.

17) Revise it at the last corner.

18) At the end of round 3, make single crochet with a single crochet.

19) Round 4 starts. Turn your work underside and make three chains and three double crochet with single crochet.

20) Now skip two crochet t and make double crochet around the third crochet. as Make 3 items with single crochet and make three double crochet.

22) Skip the next two crochet and make double crochet around the third Crochet.

23) Continue it at the end of round 4.

24) Create round 5 with the same procedure.

25) Increase the size of your scarf by increasing the number of rounds.

26) Measure your prepared scarf length.

27) The shown figure is 29 inches (74cm) having 70 rows.

28) Try to set it as shown in the given figures.

29) Now join the two corners of the collar with the help of a crochet stitch. As shown in the figure.

30) Create round 4th design again around the collar with the same yarn.

31) Take dark brown yarn to prepare the border on the scarf.

32) Tie a knot and attach the yarn to the one corner of the scarf.

33) Convert a single yarn into three yarns. Design the round four with three yarn. In the end, tie a knot to the remaining yarn and hide it to the inner side.

34) Take buttons as shown in the figure.

35) Attach them to the scarf with dark brown yarn.

36) You don’t need to create buttonholes. Use space instead of holes.


 Uses of crochet scarf


1) Crochet scarf is a winter dress for babies.

2) It is used to save them in severe cold.

3) Crochet scarf can also be used as a baby jacket.

4) It can be prepared in various sizes for small and big children.

5) You can earn money by selling own made crochet scarfs.

Basic instructions to follow


1) An expert crochet user can make any pattern easily but a beginner needs some extra care in using crochet

2) Always use a double yarn of 4mm to make this crochet scarf.

3) Always use a crochet stitch counter to make the exact number of stitches. By using this device, you don’t need to count stitches/chains again and again.

4) Be careful. Little bit negligence not only can damage your hands but even can ruin your whole effort.

5) Pay proper head to stitches and gauge.

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