Couple Drawing | Couple On Rainy Day With An Umbrella

Couple Drawing | Couple On Rainy Day With An Umbrella

Drawing, illustration, or representation is a wonderful and stunning kind of art. People having skills in drawing are attracting the minds of art lovers. The artists love to create natural scenes and human aspects on the piece of paper.

In a real sense, they are trying to create 3D images on the 2D medium. It is often considered a tough time to create 3D images on paper. But it is the simplest expression of imagination.

Here we are going to make a couple drawing of a couple on rainy day with an  umbrella. The couple is standing under an umbrella in the raining.

To have couple drawing you need some important tools that are given below.

Requirements for drawing

  1. DOMS pencil

( zoom ultimate dark)

  1. Paper board along with a drawing paper
  2. Sharpener
  3. Eraser
  4. Scale
  5. Blending tool

Step by step guidelines for couple drawing

Here are some basic steps to make couple drawing. These steps will help to make you a unique couple drawing. These steps will give you an overview but for explained knowledge you can watch our given video at the end of steps.

Step 1

Couple Drawing

Set your paper on the paper board. Draw a curved line at the top of the paper. Now draw more curved lines on the other side of the paper. Set your drawn lines as shown in the above figure.

Step 2

Couple Drawing

From the lines of step 1, you will get the top part of an umbrella. Now draw the backside of the boy with the help of 4 lines. Draw the face, sleeves, arms, and neck of the boy keeping in mind that the boy’s face is on the other side in this drawing. Follow the above figure.

 Step 3

Couple Drawing

Now trace the baselines for the girl’s body. Draw hair of the girl. Remember that the girl’s face is also on the other side. Make layers in the hair of the girl.

In this drawing, the girl is wearing a half sleeves dress. Her hair is tied in a pony. As shown in the figure. Draw pockets in the trousers of the boy. Draw horizontal lines in the shirt and sleeves of the boy.

Step 4

Couple Drawing

Now start light shading in the boy’s shirt. And blend it with a blending stump tool. Thick the lines of the shirt. Now give these lines a dark shade. Start shading in the trousers of the boy. Now draw the hair of the boy according to the given picture.

Step 5

Couple Drawing

Start shading in the hair of the girl. Give them a shine by moving your pencil from the upper to the lower side and lower to the upper side. Thick the outlines to make them obvious. Start shading in the dress of the girl. Start from the lighter shade of the pencil. Complete shading of the dress of the girl. Make the outlines pronounce. As shown in the figure of step 5.

Step 6

Couple Drawing

 After completing shade in the dress of the girl, start blending by using a blending tool to develop softness in shading. Shade in the collar of the boy.

Now create a light tone of the shading in the umbrella. Blend this shading. Thick the outlines of the umbrella. Create water drops on the paper to give your drawing a rainy day presentation.

The couple drawing of “A couple on a rainy day with an umbrella” is now finished. The complete couple drawing video tutorial is given below.

Basic instructions regarding drawing for beginners

At the beginner level, you must take care of some important points about drawing.

  1. Use the best pencils for your drawings. Hard leads are best.
  2. Use high graphite leads for drawing and lighter leads for shading. 8B pencils are used for dark shading.
  3. Learn about the pencil blots.
  4. Thick the outlines when needed.
  5. Create a shiny and smooth effect in your drawing.



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