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Coronavirus Drawing: Drawing is a technique of creating portraits on the surface of the paper with the help of several objects like graphite, chalk, ink, or crayon. It is an imaginative artwork.

The artist shares their ideas, moods, and sensation in the form of drawing. It is used to solve many social problems and depicts many aspects of society. They want to make unrealistic things, realistic with the help of drawing.

Today we are going to make a Coronavirus Drawing for corona awareness. Here we will describe some basic steps to make Coronavirus Drawing.

Required material For Coronavirus Drawing

There is no special or expensive material required for this corona virus drawing. Only simple material is required that can be easily accessible to everyone.  The material required for corona virus drawing is given below.

  1. Drawing paper
  2. Drawing board
  3. DOMS( Zoom ultimate dark) pencil
  4. Colored pencils(Yellow-green, Dark green, Light Blue, Cobalt blue, Gray, Black)
  5. White gel pen
  6. Eraser
  7. Compass

6 Easy Steps Guidelines

Here we have described the complete details of this Coronavirus Drawing. The steps are understandable. Follow the given guidelines carefully so you can make this corona virus drawing easily.

Step 1

Coronavirus Drawing

First of all, adjust the paper on the drawing board. Take a compass, fix a pencil in it, and draw a circle. Now outline the mask inside the circle as shown in the figure. Then draw many other different sizes of small circles around the large circle

Step 2

Coronavirus Drawing

Now draw the strings of the mask to the four corners of the mask. Tie it across the face. Then draw the outlines of eyes and make circular lenses inside the eyes as shown in the figure above. Fill it with dark color. Draw white dots in both eyes. Give the eyes a bright look.

Step 3

Coronavirus Drawing

 Now draw eyebrows and eye drops that are dropping on the mask. Draw the zigzag lines in the circle, according to the given picture. Then move to short circles and draw the shape of viruses around the small circles.

 Step 4

Coronavirus Drawing

Now take a dark green pencil and fill color on the upper side of the circle or the edges of circles. Then shade it with a yellow-green pencil to blend these two colors. Now apply sky blue color near the outlines and cobalt blue on all upper remaining areas.

Step 5

Coronavirus Drawing

Now apply sky blue and cobalt blue color on the lower sides. Follow the figure for better understanding. Then thick the outlines with a black pencil. Thick the eyebrows and also thick the outer eyeliners.

Now take a gray color pencil, draw two lines on the mask, and shades the mask. Draw the complete sketch of the virus by drawing eyes and mouth.

Now fill it with yellow-green color and then dark green color. Take a white gel pen and fill white color in the eyes and mouth.

Step 6

Coronavirus Drawing

Then repeat the same process with all other viruses which are present around the world. This picture depicts that this Coronavirus is surrounding all over the world. You have to adopt some valuable protective measures.

Now a Coronavirus Drawing or awareness poster is ready. Visit our pinned video tutorial on Coronavirus Drawing  for complete explanation.


It is a contagious and widespread disease that mostly entails children and older age. It influences different people in numerous ways. Various people recovered without hospitalizations.

Now a day Coronavirus has spread all over the world. So this is very important for all of us to have proper guidance and safety to fight against this killer virus as there is no vaccine available against this virus. Here are some common symptoms and preventions that are given below.


These are some common symptoms of coronavirus which are as given below:


2. Sore throat

3. Dry cough

4. Irritations and discomforts

5. Complication in breathing

6. Diarrhea

7. Conjunctivitis

8. Headache


1: Wear a mask.

2: Clean your hands with soap and also use sanitizer.

4. Retain a distance of 6 feet from anyone anywhere.

5. Go to the doctor, if you are feeling fever, cough, and difficult breathing.


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