Christmas Snowman Drawing | Easy Drawing

Christmas Snowman Drawing: Here we are going to draw a snowman. The structure of a snowman and his surroundings indicates the enjoyment of the Christmas season. Christian community celebrates the Christmas holidays with full zeal and zest all over the world. This drawing also describes the fun of the Christmas holidays.

Requirements for Christmas Snowman Drawing

Here is given the mandatory tools of Christmas drawing. The given material is easily available. Get access to the following tools and start the drawing process.

  • Drawing paper
  • Drawing board
  • Drawing marker
  • Color markers

Step by step guidelines:

Here is given a complete section of step by step guidelines for Christmas drawing. Just check it out thoroughly and get started with your favorite drawing.

Christmas Snowman Drawing Step 1

Christmas Snowman Drawing

In the first step of drawing, start to draw the face of the snowman. Use marker paper for the drawing. Using a black Prisma color marker, draw the nose outline of the snowman.

Now draw two circles for the eyes of the snowman. Fill the eyes with the same color tone. Create shine in the eye circles by leaving a dotted shape without color. Draw some circular dots under the nose of the snowman. Then draw a curved shape outline of the face of the snowman. Trace the headline using a horizontal line. Look at the given picture.

Christmas Snowman Drawing Step 2

Christmas Snowman Drawing

In the second step, we are going to draw the hat of the snowman.  After this, draw two parallel and flat lines on the head. Join both ends of these lines with curved lines. The lower part of the hat is complete. Draw the central part using a conical shaped line. Decorate the top of the hat by drawing a circle. The top of the hat is bent down to the left side as you can see from the picture of step 2.

Christmas Snowman Drawing Step 3

Christmas Snowman Drawing

In the third step of drawing a snowman, draw the scarf rounded around the neck of the snowman. Then Draw two parallel and horizontal lines across the neck. Join the ends of the neck. Now draw the rounded body of the snowman. As shown in the given picture above.

Christmas Snowman Drawing Step 4

Christmas Snowman Drawing

In the fourth step of Christmas drawing, draw the surface below the feet of the snowman. Now draw two circles to the front part of the body. These are the buttons for the dress of the snowman. Trace two thin arms of the man. Draw the hands of the snowman according to the given picture. One arm of the man is emerging from the side of the body.

Christmas Snowman Drawing Step 5

Christmas Snowman Drawing

In this step, draw the tails of the scarf of the snowman. Trace a lining pattern over the scarf by drawing many vertical lines. The tail of the scarf is flying in the air. Draw a snow mountain to the back of the man. Create Christmas trees on the hilly surface. Look at the picture of step 5.

Christmas Snowman Drawing Step 6

Christmas Snowman Drawing

In the last and final step of Christmas drawing, draw two more Christmas trees to the other side. Trace small dots as the scene of snow falling. The snowman is holding a heart in his hands. Start to fill colors in your drawing. Use green color for Christmas trees and scarves. Also, fill the red color to the scarf of the snowman.

Fill sky blue to the snow and surface. Give red color to the hat and orange color to the nose of the snowman. The look of the snowman is perfect now.

The Christmas drawing of ” A snowman ” is complete now. You can draw this wonderful drawing to make your Christmas event gorgeous. A complete tutorial on the drawing process is given below for your better help.





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