Christmas Drawing | Santa Claus Drawing In Easy Steps

Christmas Drawing: Today we are going to draw an amazing and unique Christmas drawing. We are going to draw a Santa Clause drawing special for kids. The steps defined below are simple and easy to understand. Just assemble the required material and start drawing with us.

Requirements for a Christmas drawing

  • Drawing paper
  • Drawing board
  • Prisma color markers

Step by step guidelines for Christmas drawing

Here is given the complete guide for Christmas drawing. You will learn to draw Santa Claus with his bag.

Christmas Drawing Step 1

Christmas Drawing

In the first step of drawing a Santa Claus, start drawing the eyes. Use the black Prisma color marker for this purpose. Draw a circle for the right eye of Santa. Trace small circles and squares in that circle. Fill out the remaining portion of the eye circle.

Create smoothness while filling the black color. The small circles create shine in the eyes. At a specific distance, draw another circle for the left eye of Santa. Do the same with the left eye to Santa.

After this, draw an oval-shaped nose in the central point of the eyes. Trace the mustache of Santa to the right and left side of the nose, below the eyes. As shown in the given picture above.

Christmas Drawing Step 2

Christmas Drawing

In that second step of drawing, continue the drawing with a black marker. Draw the eyebrows of Santa right above the eyes. Trace the line for the beard that is coming to the mustaches from both sides. Now draw the outermost line of the beard. The appearance of the beard and face is complete.

Using the same marker, start drawing the Santa hat above his head. Then draw two parallel curved lines on the head. Join both ends of these lines with a curved vertical line. The lower part of the hat is complete.

For the top conical part, draw lines from both sides and join them with a single central top point. Draw a circle to create hat decoration. Look at the given picture.

Christmas Drawing Step 3

Christmas Drawing

In the third step of drawing, draw the ears of Santa Claus on both sides. Draw the right and left arm. For this purpose, draw parallel lines. Join the ends by making cuffs of Santa’s dress. And draw the opened hand of him.

Do the same with the left arm. To draw his dress, pull two lines downward emerging from the arms of Santa. As you can see in the picture of step 3.

Christmas Drawing Step 4

Christmas Drawing

In this step of drawing, we are going to draw the jacket pattern of Santa Claus. Draw a rectangular belt on the dress. Now trace one more rectangle in the first rectangle. Trace two parallel horizontal lines to the right and left side of the belt. Draw three parallel vertical lines coming from the center of the beard to the belt. Follow the given picture above.

Christmas Drawing Step 5

Christmas Drawing

In the fifth step, complete the look of the jacket of Santa. Draw the outlines of the jacket running from the bottom to the sides. Now draw the pants off the Santa using parallel lines. Create a cuff pattern at both ends of the pants. Now trace the shoes of Santa. There is nothing fancy, only a simple pattern of shoes is. Draw a heart shape on the right side of the jacket. As you can see from the given picture.

Christmas Drawing Step 6

Christmas Drawing

In the sixth step, we are going to draw a bag of Santa right next to Santa. Draw the body of the bag. Now trace the neck area and head for the bag. Follow the given picture.

Christmas Drawing Step 7 

Christmas Drawing

In the last step of the drawing of Santa Claus, complete the drawing of the bag. Trace two small circles and a heart shape to decorate the back. After this start the coloring process. Give a red color to the jacket, pants, and bag of the Santa.

Use black color for the belt, hands, and shoes. Fill the light pink color to the skin of the Santa. Create snow under the feet of Santa using light blue and black color. As you can see from the final look of Santa and his bag.

The beautiful Christmas drawing of “A Santa with his bag” is complete now. For ease to understand the basic steps we have pinned below our complete video tutorial.


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