Christmas Cake Drawing | Easy Christmas Drawing

Christmas Cake Drawing: Drawing is an amazing technique to describe an event or religious activity. No matters what is the theme of the event. Here we are going to draw such wonderful drawings that will create fun and pleasure in your Christmas holidays.

We are going to draw a Christmas chocolate baby cake. This drawing represents the eagerness of the kids for Christmas blessings.

Requirements for drawing a Christmas cake

The following material is a vital part of the drawing process. The given requirements for drawing are affordable. After getting the following material, start drawing to enjoy your Christmas holidays.

  • Drawing paper
  • Drawing board
  • Drawing marker
  • Prisma color markers

Easy Steps Guidance:

In the following section, we have given a comprehensive guide for the process of drawing. The drawing techniques are easy and understanding. The given detailed section of the drawing will help you out in making your Christmas event more joyful.

Let’s start the step by the step drawing process.

Christmas Cake Drawing  Step 1

Christmas Cake Drawing easy Drawing

In the first step of drawing a Christmas cake, adjust the drawing paper and drawing board. Use a black marker to draw the outlines of the cake. Start drawing the cake with a curve line. Now draw another arc. Join the ends of both arcs with a crust and trough line. This line is the flow in the chocolate cake. As you can see from the picture above.

Christmas Cake Drawing Step 2

Christmas Cake Drawing easy Drawing 2

In this second step of drawing a baby cake, we will draw the lower portion of the cake. Draw two parallel and vertical lines emerging from the first arcs. After this, join the ends of the parallel lines with a horizontal line. The main lines of the Christmas chocolate cake are complete now. Look at the given picture of step 2.

Christmas Cake Drawing Step 3

Christmas Cake Drawing easy Drawing

In the third step of drawing, draw the berries on the cake. Using a backmarker, draw the outlines for berries. Use curve and oval shapes for berries. Then Draw a leaf attached with the rightmost berry. Trace the lines for veins of the leaf. Follow the given picture above.

Christmas Cake Drawing Step 4Christmas Cake Drawing easy Drawing

In the fourth step, draw another leaf of the berries. Trace the veins for the leaf. For best understanding, follow the picture of step 4.

Christmas Cake Drawing Step 5

Christmas Cake Drawing easy Drawing

In this step, draw the eyes of the cake to the lower part. Draw a circle for the left eye. Now draw small circles in the first circle. Trace some squares in the eye. Fill the eye with black Prisma color except for the circles and squares of the eye.

Using the same technique, draw the other eye of the chocolate cake. As you can see in the given picture above.

Christmas Cake Drawing Step 6

Christmas Cake Drawing easy Drawing

In this step, complete the look of the baby cake by drawing the eyebrows and nose. Use a curved line for the nose. Draw nose in the center of the eyes. Look at the figure of step 6.

Christmas Cake Drawing Step 7

Christmas Cake Drawing easy Drawing

The seventh step is the final step of the Christmas chocolate cake. It is the step of coloring. Use a red color marker for the berries and green color for the leaves. Give light pink shade to the top part of the cake.

Fill chocolate brown color to the lower portion of the cake. Also, use green color for the eyes of the baby cake. It is the final look of the Christmas cake. You can also check it from the final picture of the drawing.

The drawing of “A Christmas chocolate baby cake” is complete now. This drawing in the Christmas holidays would be fun for children. If you fail to understand any steps, then don’t be a worry. For your help, we have also pinned our complete tutorial below.








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