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Sleeves Design| How To Make Trendy Sleeves Designs

Sleeves Design: Here we are going to design the trendy sleeves. Designing in dressing has become an important element of life. Keeping in view this trend, we will discuss the cutting and stitching process throughout. Required material for stitching sleeves Sleeves ( skin-colored ) Pieces of fabric ( green and skin-colored ) Buckram Scissors Chalk

Umbrella Frock| Umbrella Frock With Trendy Sleeves

Umbrella Frock: Here we are going to design a high low stylish full umbrella frock. The sleeves of this frock are also trendy and beautiful. The steps and requirements mentioned in this session are very easy to understand. Just keeps following these described steps and definitely, you will be on your point. Requirements of stitching

Sleeves Cutting | Trendy Sleeves Easy cutting ideas

Sleeves Cutting: Here we are going to prepare the easiest trendy sleeves for 2021. Follow the given requirements and guidance to learn new techniques and new styles of sleeves cutting. Required material for cutting and stitching Cloth ( blue, grey) Chalk Measuring tape Scissors Sewing machine Step by step guidance for sleeves Cutting Sleeves Cutting

Palazzo cutting| Exploring New Cutting Ideas 2021

Palazzo cutting: The design has become an important component of our life. It covers all aspects of life. No matters what is the goal of life. The only purpose of life is to create fun, excitement, and enthusiasm. Through this excitement, we want to adopt each trendy aspect. Whether it relates to shoes, jewelry, dressing,

Baby frocks ideas | simple steps designing

Baby frocks ideas | simple steps designing Sewing is an art. It has great vastness in it. With time, it is growing rapidly. It has been added to our routine life. Almost everything you observe is somehow the result of this art. With this art, we can make extraordinary things like dresses, shawls, scarf’s, sofa