BTS Drawing | Easy drawing Ideas

BTS Drawing: pencil drawings are wonderful artwork. It is an easy way to show their talent because this artwork does not require expensive accessories. This sketch is specially designed for beginners. We are going to make amazing and most favorite BTS pencil sketches.

What is BTS?

There are many questions people Also ask as to which BTS member are you? will BTS come back after the military? why BTS is so popular? can BTS speak English? etc. The answer is that It is a group of seven boys (Jimin, Jungkook, jin, j-hope, v, RM, and Suga) also known as Bang tan Boys. These are the Korean boys. They have their music band of seven boys.

BTS Drawing Required material:

There is no special material required to make the BTS K-pop sketch. The mentioned material is simple and easily accessible to everyone.

  1. Drawing paper
  2. Drawing board
  3. DOMS ( Zoom ultimate dark) pencil
  4. Compass
  5. Eraser
  6. Blending stump or cotton buds
  7. Paintbrush or makeup brush

BTS Drawing Step by step guidelines:

Here we have defined basic and easy steps to make the BTS K-pop sketch. Beginners can easily follow these easy steps to make a BTS K-pop sketch.

BTS Drawing Step 1

BTS K-pop| Easy Steps Sketching

First of all, set the paper on the board. Fix a pencil in a compass by opening it to 4cm. Draw a circle with the help of a compass. Now draw a straight vertical line in the center. Then draw a curved line on the lower side of the circle.

After this draw the extra line of the circle. Now move to the circle, trace a small vertical line to the horizontal line. You can follow the figure for a better understanding. The figure is shown above.

BTS Drawing Step 2

BTS K-pop| Easy Steps Sketching

In this step, draw the strings of the mask. Draw double lining in the strings. Now thick the outlines of the mask. Follow the figure as shown above.

BTS Drawing Step 3

BTS K-pop| Easy Steps Sketching

Now erase the upper side of the circle to draw ahead and face outline. Draw the hairlines that are falling on the forehead. Just draw the front hairs now. Trace the face line. Then draw a ribbon shape on the forehead. After this, outline the ear. You can also see in the image above.

BTS Drawing Step 4

BTS K-pop| Easy Steps Sketching

Draw two horizontal parallel lines to draw eyes. Trace the outline of eyes and circular-shaped eye lenses. Also, draw a nose line. Trace the outline of eyebrows. After this, remove the extra lines with an eraser. Then draw the basic hairlines. Follow the figure above.

BTS Drawing Step 5

BTS K-pop| Easy Steps Sketching

Thick the outlines of the mask. Then trace the inner lines of ears. Draw the neckline and collar of the boy. Then trace the shoulder outline. Draw the earrings on the ear of the boy as can also show in the picture.

BTS Drawing Step 6

BTS K-pop| Easy Steps Sketching

Fill color in eye lenses. Draw different designs on the ribbon. Draw small dots and stars on it. Also, draw some hair along the side of the ear. By following the figure you will understand in a good way.

Use a very thin pencil by sharpening. Draw very thin eyebrows. Eyebrow hair should be very close to each other. Trace the eyebrow hair to get the required look. Draw four lines on the mask and blend these lines with blending tools.

Contour the nose area with a blending stump to give the real image of the nose. Also, blend the eye area and all the face and neck areas. Give a definite shape to the eyeliners. The figure is shown above.

BTS Drawing Step 8

BTS K-pop| Easy Steps Sketching

Fill color in ribbon design. Then shades the hair by dividing it into different portions. After shading, take a paintbrush and apply it on hair to give a settled and shiny hair look. Now make a design in the shirt. Then fill color in it. The color should be very dark. Finally, the wonderful sketch of BTS K-pop is ready.

Watch here our complete video tutorial to make the BTS K-pop sketch in very easy steps.




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