Jung Kook Drawing BTS Sketch in 7 Easy Steps

Jung Kook Drawing : Pencil sketching is amazing art that can create wonderful figures. In pencil sketching, the simplest images describe the throughout the figure.

Here we are going to make a BTS character Jung kook drawing. The question arises, what is BTS? BTS is a group of 7 people. It is a K-pop group that generally stands for Korean pop. All these 7 people came from all over South Korea.

The names of these BTS boys are Jim in, Jung Kook, jinn, j-hope, v, RM, and Suga.

Here we are going to make a BTS character Jung Kook drawing. To draw his sketch, follow the given guidelines carefully.

Requirements of sketching

Assemble the following tools to make Jung Kook drawing.

  1. Drawing paper and drawing board
  2. DOMS pencil

(zoom ultimate dark)

  1. Art line love art pencil 8B
  2. Eraser
  3. Sharpener
  4. Scale
  5. Blending tool
  6. Paintbrush

Step by Step guidelines for sketching

Here are dome basic and easy steps to make Jung kook drawing. For complete guidance you can watch our video tutorial in end of steps.

Step 1

BTS character "Jung kook" drawing

Set your drawing paper on the drawing board. Draw a vertical line of 15cm using a scale. Now mark three points on the line at the distance of 6.3cm, 9.8cm, and 11.7cm respectively.

Now draw horizontal lines on the points of different lengths. 1st line is of 6.7cm, 2nd is of 2.8cm length and 3rd is of 3.4cm in length. These are the baselines for the face including the nose, eyes, and lips.

On the first horizontal line, draw two curved lines for eyes. Complete the tracing of eye lines as you can see in the picture.

Step 2

BTS character "Jung kook" drawing

After drawing the eye lens, draw the lines of the eyelids. Now draw the nose line with the help of baselines. Complete the shape of the nose by drawing some curved lines. Center the centerline of lips.

Now Following this central line, draw the upper and lower lip according to the picture.

Step 3

BTS character "Jung kook" drawing

Now draw the face outline on the right side of the vertical line. Starting from the eye and coming towards the chin, reverse the face line to the left side of the vertical line. Keep a distance of 10cm between the face line and nose outline. Follow the given picture of step 3.

Step 4

BTS character "Jung kook" drawing

Now change the distance of the face line from left eye to hair. It is now 4cm. Draw the hair outline on the forehead of the boy. Now trace the ear outline on the left side from the vertical line. Draw lines by following the given picture.

Step 5

BTS character "Jung kook" drawing

Draw the hairlines of the boy. Now trace the earring on the left side as you can see in the picture above. Draw lines of dressing across the neck. Trace some hair to the underside of the ear. Follow the given picture.

Step 6

BTS character "Jung kook" drawing

Remove all baselines of the figure with an eraser. Now draw eyebrows and thick the hair of eyebrows. Start shading to the under eyes, nose, lips, chin, neck, ear, and all over your drawing. Thick the outlines where needed.

Blend this shading with a blending stump tool to create a sharp effect in your sketching. Color the eye lens with dark color. Give it a shade according to the given figure.

Step 7

BTS character "Jung kook" drawing

In this step, use an Art line love art pencil (8B). Using this pencil, start tracing the hair of the figure. Thick the outlines first. Now start shading the hair. Use a special technique to draw hair. Starting from upper to lower and lower to upper side, complete the tracing of the hair.

Now use a paintbrush to blend the shading of hair. Create a shiny and smooth effect in the hair with paintbrush DOMS pencil; fill the dark shade of pencil color in the dressing of the boy. As you can see in the picture above.

The beautiful sketch of a BTS character “Jung Kook” is complete now.

Watch here our pinned video tutorial on BTS character” Jung Kook” drawing for better Clarence of basic steps.



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