Boy Face Sketch | Unique Drawing Idea

Boy Face Sketch | Unique Drawing Idea

A pencil sketch or pencil drawing is an awesome and amazing kind of art. It covers all aspects of a colorful drawing. It is the simplest form of illustration.  No other form of art is so simple, easy, and natural in its texture and theme.

Sometimes it is considered that art is expensive and costly when it is adopted as a hobby. But this is only a misconception. Reality differs here.

Pencil sketching is a kind of art that costs minimum expenses. With this less expensive kind of art, not only you can cool your leisure time but also adopt it as professional status

Here we are going to draw a boy face sketch. We will clarify all the aspects of sketching that how we can draw a boy face sketch using simple material.

We will try our best to clear you every step to draw boy face sketch. For explained journey, you can visit our video on boy face sketch.

Required tools for pencil sketching


The tools that we require for sketching a boy’s face are enlisted below.

DOMS pencil( zoom ultimate dark)

Drawing paper and drawing board



Measuring scale

Blending stump tool/ cotton buds/ paintbrush

Step by step guidelines to draw a boy’s face  

The complete guide for sketching a face is given below. Read the step by step instructions carefully. Observe the attached diagrams and images thoroughly.

Step 1

Boy Face Sketch

Draw a line using a scale having a length of 10 cm. Mark points on the line at a distance of 4cm, 6.2cm, and 7.5cm. Now draw a small line to the left side of the first line. Make a baseline for the nose, lips, and forehead. As shown in the picture above.

 Step 2

Boy Face Sketch

Now draw two parallel lines as the baseline for the eye. Draw eyes according to the lines. Create a lens of the eye. Now draw the eye puppet and eyebrows of the boy. Draw airlines of the boy. Thick the mainline of the ear of the boy.

Now thick eyebrows. Draw a line of the chin. Now create two halves of the upper head and draw sections for one half of the head. Follow the above figure. Remove extra baselines from the face of the boy.

 Step 3

Boy Face Sketch

Complete the boundary line for the head. Draw the front hair of the boy. Now draw a collar for the dress of the boy. Create a small sized line in the upper side of the collar to give it a neck shape.

Now start light shading in the nose and lips of the boy. Give a lighter shade to under eyes surface. Try to give his dressing a nice look.

Step 4

Boy Face Sketch

Now shade the ears and under ear parts. Start shading in one half of the hair. Starting from dark shading, move on to the lighter shade. In the same way, continue shading in the hair.

Step 5

Boy Face Sketch

After completing shading in the one half of the hair, thick the outlines of the hair. Now start coloring in the 2nd half. For shading, first, make a rough shape. Now create a smoothness in the double layer of shading. As shown in the picture of step 5.

Step 6 

Boy Face Sketch

Now start shading in the dress of the boy. Blend and combine it with a blending stump tool. You can also use cotton buds as an alternative to this tool. After making its composition smooth, thick the outlines of the collar and dress of the boy.

A boy face sketch is complete now. You can try to make this boy face sketch by following these given steps. And if you fail to learn some  steps, then you can watch our below given video.

Basic tip for beginners

A beginner should keep in mind the measurements of the baselines for a face. The baselines render the opportunity and relief in completing the preferences of an artist in the right way.

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