Boy Drawing With Guitar| Cool Drawing Ideas

Boy Drawing With Guitar: we are going to draw a boy with a guitar. Hope you will enjoy the amazing concepts of the drawing process.

Requirements for Boy Drawing With Guitar

Here are given some tools that are important in the drawing process.

  • Drawing board with a drawing paper
  • DOMS 4B pencil( zoom ultimate dark)
  • Eraser
  • Sharpener
  • Measuring scale
  • Blending stump tool
  • Paintbrush
  • White gel pen

6 easy steps guidance

Here is given a comprehensive guide for the drawing process. Follow the given detailed steps and related pictures to get the best of it.

Boy Drawing With Guitar Step 1

Boy Drawing With Guitar

Turning on the drawing process, set the drawing paper, and drawing board. Using a scale, draw two parallel lines having a short distance between lines. These parallel lines are the neck part of the guitar. Now draw the headstock of the guitar.

Draw two circular lines on one side of the neck. These rings are the soundhole. We are going to draw the body of the guitar. Draw the body lines of the guitar. Trace the linings for the bridge and string pegs to the lower side of the soundhole. As you can see in the picture above.

Boy Drawing With Guitar Step 2

Boy Drawing With Guitar

In the next step, draw the sides of the body according to the picture. Then draw tuning keys to both sides on the headstock of the guitar.

Boy Drawing With Guitar Step 3

Boy Drawing With Guitar

In the 3rd step of drawing, draw the body outline of the boy like arms and shoulder lines. The boy is holding the guitar on his back. So, draw two parallel lines moving towards the shoulder of the boy. These lines are for the belt of the guitar.

Then Draw the right and left hand of the boy. Trace the outline for the face, neck, and head of the boy. Draw the mainline of the hairs. The boy is looking to the left side so only one side of the face is visible. After that draw the eyebrow, eye, and nose of the boy. Trace the ear lines of the boy. Remove extra lines using an eraser. Follow the given picture of the 3rd step.

Boy Drawing With Guitar Step 4

Boy Drawing With Guitar

Draw the lines of the shirt of the boy. Start tracing the hairs. Use a certain strategy with hairs. Then draw each line for hairs carefully. Keep in mind the sectional line of the head while tracing hairs. After this, use a paintbrush. Blend the lining of the hairs with this brush. As you can get an understanding from the given picture.

Boy Drawing With Guitar Step 5

Boy Drawing With Guitar

In the 5th step, draw the lines for the trousers of the boy according to the picture. Draw a lining pattern in the shirt of the boy. Using parallel lines, create patterns in the shirt, and sleeves. Fill these lines with light pencil shading. As you can see in the picture above. Start blending this shading. Thick the front lines of sleeves and neckline of the shirt. Use a blending stump tool to get softness and shine in the shading of the shirt and sleeves.

Boy Drawing With Guitar Step 6

Boy Drawing With Guitar

Continue the shading process of your drawing. Shade the side of the guitar using a DOMS pencil. Fill the pencil color in the belt of the guitar. Now shade the neck of the guitar. Give light shade to the trousers of the boy and dark shade to the soundhole and strings peg of the guitar.

Start the blending process. Using a blending stump tool, blend the shading of all the parts of the guitar including trousers, belt, soundhole, neck, string peg, etc. After finishing the blending process, take a white gel pen. Draw horizontal lines on the neck of the guitar. On the horizontal lines, draw vertical lines by using the scale. Start to make small-sized circles on the headstock. Shade the tuning keys using a white gel pen. Thick the lines of the trousers of the boy. As you can see in the picture above.

The drawing of a boy with a guitar is complete now. Watch below complete easy steps guidance. For More Drawing Ideas of Easy Drawing and Cool Drawing Bookmark our Website.



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