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Birthday Drawing: Birthday Drawing is a creative activity. It helps in the creation of extraordinary objects. Not only drawing depicts the natural and biological scenes but also describes unnatural events like birthday events.  A birthday party is a colorful event. The drawing also describes the colors of the party.

In this section, we are going to describe such an amazing event. We are going to make a Happy Birthday Drawing.  The colorful drawing is mind-blowing and full of fun not only for children but also for young ones.

Requirements for Happy Birthday Drawing

The following requirements are necessary to make a birthday drawing. Get to manage these tools and start making this amazing birthday party drawing.

  1. Drawing paper and drawing board
  2. DOMS 4B pencil
  3. Eraser
  4. Sharpener
  5. Scale
  6. Fiber castle oil pastels
  7. Staedtler watercolor pencils
  8. Black pointer

Happy Birthday Drawing Step by step guidelines

Follow the given guidelines thoroughly to complete the birthday party drawing.

You can also watch our attached video tutorial for deep guidance to make birthday party drawing.

Happy Birthday Drawing (Step )

Birthday Party Drawing | Learn Free Drawing

Set your drawing paper on the drawing board. Draw a curved line on the paper. This is a baseline for the letters of the word “HAPPY BIRTHDAY“. According to this line, write letters one by one using different oil pastel colors.

The main purpose of using these colors is to get a thick tracing of letters. Now take a black pointer and trace the outlines of all the letters in black color. As you can see in the given picture above.

Happy Birthday Drawing (Step 2)

Birthday Party Drawing | Learn Free Drawing

Now use a DOMS 4B pencil. Draw the oval-shaped outlines for balloons. Trace three balloons to the right side and three to the left side of the paper. Use Staedtler watercolor pencils to color the balloons. Use sky blue, red, and yellow color in the balloons.

Draw the strings for each balloon according to the respective color of the balloon. Leave some white space in the balloons to create a shiny effect in the balloon. Use a measuring scale and draw a straight line in the center of the drawing paper. As you can observe in the given picture.

Happy Birthday Drawing (Step 3)

Birthday Party Drawing | Learn Free Drawing

In step 3, keep in mind the previous straight line of step 2. According to the baseline, draw an oval shape using a DOMS pencil. Remove the baseline by using an eraser.

Now draw the outlines for the cake. Trace the cake lines in the double layer. Now draw lines for candles on the cake. Complete the step 3 process by following the figure.

Happy Birthday Drawing (Step 4)

Birthday Party Drawing | Learn Free Drawing

In step 4, draw the table cover using a lead pencil. Draw a zigzag pattern to the bottom line of the table cover. Also, maintain its oval shape.

Now draw an arc style pattern on the cover to the upper side. Trace the gifts box on the table. Draw small boxes of different sizes. Draw their packing patterns. As shown in the figure above.

Happy Birthday Drawing (Step 5)

Birthday Party Drawing | Learn Free Drawing

In the final step, fill a pale orange color in the table cover. Now draw a flowery pattern on the cover with sky blue pencil color. Decorate the cake with red strawberries by using a red color pencil. Draw the outlines of children’s faces and bodies.

Trace the lines for the dresses. Draw the dress pattern and colors with color pencils. Now draw the hair, eyes, and lips of the children using black color. Create birthday caps on their heads. Color the gifts that are lying on the table. Try to create colorful scenery throughout the drawing.

The beautiful scenery of a birthday party drawing is complete now.

You can draw it on the birthday of your friend or family member. You can also use it as a gift at your brothers’ or sisters’ birthday.

Watch here a complete video tutorial to make this unique birthday party drawing.




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