Best Friends Drawing | Easy Learning For Beginners

Best Friends Drawing: Drawing something on a piece of the paper relates to art. Art is a fine composition of textures, lines, and dots. A wonderful technique for solving mind-blowing problems such as the depiction of a scene and visualization of the natural objects.

It is a kind of art that describes its purpose without coloring the objects. Although color includes the fair description of an imaginary object still drawing also fulfills the purpose of its certainty.

In this section of the discussion, we will observe the drawing elements and components by designing the best friend drawing. We will learn to draw the simplest form of art without any special effort.

Here we will discuss some easy steps regarding best friend drawing. You can see we have posted Friendship Day Drawing before. We will try to cover all the steps regarding best friend drawing. But if you want a detailed explanation, then you can visit our provided video tutorial on best friend drawing.

To draw the relationship of best friends, we will describe here every single point about drawing that will help you a lot in completing your drawing objects.

Requirements for Best Friends Drawing

Here are some requirements that are important to have best friends drawing.

  • Drawing paper and drawing board
  • DOMS pencil( zoom ultimate dark)
  • Eraser
  • Blending tool
  • Sharpener

Step by step guidelines for Best Friends Drawing

The guidelines for drawing the relation of best friends are given below. Follow these guidelines step by step. Arrange the required material for best friends and let’s start.

Best Friends Drawing Step 1

Best Friends Drawing

Set your drawing paper on the drawing board. Outline the body of the 1st girl. In the same way, draw outlines for the other 3 girls. Now draw outlines for the hair of the 3 girls. Create layers for the dresses also.

Remove the extra baselines of hair and the bodies. As shown in the picture above. Before start, this drawing, keep one thing in your mind that the girls ‘ are standing from the backside.

Best Friends Drawing Step 2

Best Friends Drawing

Now draw the left arm and right arm of the 2nd girl around the waist of 1st and 3rd girl. In the same way, the arm of the 1st girl is around the 2nd girl, and the arms of the 3rd girl around the waist of the 2nd and 4th girl.

Draw the legs of the girls. Create small patterns in the dresses of the girl. Follow the given figure.

Best Friends Drawing Step 3

Best Friends Drawing

Draw layers in the hair of the girls one by one. Now start shading in each layer of the hair. Start shading from the 1st girl’s hair. After completing, move on to the 2nd girl. As shown in the figure.

Best Friends Drawing Step 4

Best Friends Drawing

Complete the shading in the hair of all the girls. Now draw the designs of all the girls’ dresses. Draw sleeves pattern now. Follow the given figures carefully.

Best Friends Drawing Step 5

Best Friends Drawing

 Start Coloring in the dress of 1st girl with a pencil. Now start blending with a blending stump tool or cotton buds. Use blending tool on legs and dress.

Create smoothness in your shading. Thick the outlines of the body, dresses, and hairs. After getting it done, take a final view to cover any deficiency.

A beautiful drawing of best friends is complete now. You can watch the complete video tutorial on the best friend drawing given below.

Basic tip For Best Friends Drawing

The beginners should start drawing from an easy step. They should start from fundamental and primary shapes like curve, circle, triangle, rectangle, oval, and cylinder.

Instructions for Best Friends drawing 

  1. Dot is indeed an important element of drawing but the line is also another main component of configuration. Keep in mind the effect of the line’s weight in your drawing.
  2. You must memorize the structure of the sketch.
  3. An artist should understand the shading technique.
  4. Keep on practicing when you are unrestricted.
  5. Take a review once or twice of your work.
  6. Keep on effort for getting different goals and objectives.
  7. Learn to know when you are achieved.


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