Beautiful Girl Sketch | 5 Easy Steps

5 Basic Steps To Draw Beautiful Girl Sketch

The pencil sketch is a beautiful art of drawing. In sketching, drawings are based on the outlines of an object. Afterward, necessary shades and dots complete the visualization of an image.

Here we will present 30 basic steps to draw beautiful girl sketch having beautiful hairs. You will be able to draw your sketch with a little guidance. So let’s start to draw a sketch.

2) Required material for sketching

Here is some necessary material for drawing a sketch

1) Led pencil

2) Eraser

3) Sharpener

4) Scale

5) Drawing paper along with drawing board

5 Basic steps to draw beautiful girl sketch

Here we will have a look on basic steps to make a beautiful girl sketch. By following these steps at the end you will find an amazingly drawn sketch result.

Step 1

 Adjust drawing paper on the drawing board. Start drawing from the flower as shown in the figure. After sketching its single string, reverse and double this string in the following way.

Now draw the third line of string as shown in the figure.  The following shape has been prepared before you. Draw a line on the upper side of the flower as shown in the figure.

Now draw two lines emerging from the flower. Follow the figure below. From the half of the above line, draw a small-sized straight line. Now Draw a curve around this straight line. As shown in the figure. Draw a horizontal line with the vertical line.

Mark small points over these horizontal and vertical lines. Follow the figure. Join the marks on the horizontal line according to the figure.

Step 2  Beautiful  girl sketch  Now Draw eyebrows above the horizontal line. Try to give a natural look to the eyebrows and eyelashes of the girl. Draw small hairs on the outer side of eyelashes.

Step 3

                      Beautiful girl sketch

Now draw the nose at the vertical line as shown in the figure. Draw the middle line of lips on the vertical line. Follow the figure. Following the centerline of lips, draw upper and lower lip. Try to give it a perfect look.

Now erase the vertical and horizontal lines. Draw the outlines of the hair according to the figure. Try to get their light shades. Now outline the neck. Start shading in the flower chain as shown in the figure.

Shade only on the upper and lower side of a single chain. Skip the middle part from shading. Try to thick its outer line to get it more visible.

Step 4

Beautiful girl sketch

Now, in the same way, start shading in each section of hair. Start from upper to lower and lower to upper side respectively. Leave some white space to give hair a natural touch.

Thick the outlines of hairs to make them darker from shades. Complete the hair shedding in the same way. Follow the figures below one by one.

beautiful girl sketch

Now draw section lines to the upper hair. Shade the hair in each section. Thick the flowers’ outline. Give a light shade in the flower.

Take a whole view of your sketch. Try to get it set if you find any deficiency in your sketching. If you observe some extra shade, try to remove it naturally. By following 30 basic steps to draw beautiful girl sketch you will have your owned ready girl sketch.

4) Basic Instructions  for a pencil sketch

1)  Always use a high-quality graphite lead pencil.

2)  Draw outlines first for any object that you want to sketch.

3) Use a scale for straight lines.

4)  Always use an eraser while sketching an object so you may remove the unnecessary things.

5) Use a sharp pencil for proper sketching.

6) In sketching, you have to be more careful about every single dot.

7) Try to complete your Sketches nicely and neatly.

5) Where to use sketch?

Usually, a sketch can be used as a draft of a colored drawing. You can draw this beautiful girl sketch  for your practice.

You can also draw your friend a sketch and send it to your friend as a surprise gift. You can make your sketching collection. You can also adopt it as a hobby in your spare time.

6) FAQ

1) What type of pencil should I use for sketching?

Ans: For sketching, you should use H or HB pencil. But for shading, 4B and 6B pencils are best.

2) What kind of leads are best for sketching? Hard or soft?

Ans: Hard pencils will give a patchy and rich look. So it will prove amazing to use a hard pencil.

3) Can only a talented mind draw a sketch?

Ans: Necessarily not. Any person with a little skill and knowledge can draw a sketch even if he has no creative talent.

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