Baby Frock Stitching | Beautiful Baby Frocks Ideas 2021

Baby Frock Stitching: Here we are going to cut and stitch a baby frock. The design of the frock is decent and beautiful to look at. Hope you will love to learn and stitch for your baby girl.

Required tools of stitching

  • Cloth ( green, white)
  • Scissors
  • Chalk
  • Measuring tape
  • Sewing Machine

Step by step guidance for stitching

Here is given a complete guide for the stitching process. Learn the given techniques and methods and start to stitch.

Baby Frock Stitching Step 1

Baby Frock Stitching| Beautiful Baby Frocks Ideas 2021

The first step of stitching is the step of adjusting cloth. Take a piece of cloth whose length is 40-41 inch and width is 33 inches. Fold the cloth first from the length and second from the width. You will get four layers of cloth now. A square-shaped folded cloth is before you.

After folding, measure the length and width again. Now it’s length is 20 inch and width is 16 inches. We want an 18-inch prepared length of the frock. So we got 20 inches. The remaining 2 inches are the margin of stitching and cutting. You can see the folded cloth in the given figure.

Baby Frock Stitching Step 2

Baby Frock Stitching| Beautiful Baby Frocks Ideas 2021

Step 2 is all about marking and measurement. The ready chest size for this frock is 11 inches. We are going to mark on the folded layer of the cloth. So we will use half of this size. The half measurement of the chest is 5.5 inches. Using measuring tape, measure the width of the chest. Mark a point using chalk. The measurement for the armhole is 4.5 inches.

Now draw a rounded mark for the neck. The length of the back neck is 2 inches and the front is 3 inches. You can keep the front neck according to your requirement. Now mark a rounded line for the bottom of the frock. As you can see from the picture.

Baby Frock Stitching Step 3

Baby Frock Stitching| Beautiful Baby Frocks Ideas 2021

This is the step of cutting. According to the previously marked points, cut the sleeves of the frock. Only cut it to the marked point. Now cut the round-shaped neck that is deep from the front side. Cut the bottom part of the frock by following the chalk marks. Open this folded cloth. You will see the shape as shown in the figure.

Baby Frock Stitching Step 4

Baby Frock Stitching| Beautiful Baby Frocks Ideas 2021


In the fourth step, we are going to start the stitching process. Take a white piece of cloth. Prepare a strip out of this piece. Its width is 1 inch. Use it to stitch across the neck. Place it’s one end to the outer side of the neck corner.

Stitch it across the neck. Fold the starting point of the strip 0.5 inches to the outer side while starting. After completing, double fold it and restitch across the neck. You can see the stitched strip around the neck from the picture.

Baby Frock Stitching Step 5

Baby Frock Stitching| Beautiful Baby Frocks Ideas 2021

In this step, we are going to fold the front of the sleeves. Double fold the sleeves and stitch it horizontally. In the same way, fold both sleeves. Now start the stitches of fitting of sleeves and sides. After stitching you can see the outer side of the frock. Double fold the bottom of the frock now.

Baby Frock Stitching Step 6

Baby Frock Stitching| Beautiful Baby Frocks Ideas 2021

In the last step, start the designing of the frock. Take some white pieces whose length is 3 inches and the width is 2.5 inches. Prepare flowers out of these strips. Fold the strips and stitch them from all sides. Open it by making a hole. Using a needle, cover it from the center. Also, attach it to the frock from the center of each flower

The beautiful baby frock stitching is complete now. You can see the final look from the final picture. Watch below the easy steps complete video session for a better explanation of these defined steps.


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