Aran Weight Yarn

Aran Weight Yarn

What is the actual meaning of term “Aran weight yarn” ? If you love to knitting then probably you may have asked this question to yourself or to your friends who knits. And it may possible you entered this term in the search engine to know its reality and didn’t find something suitable information related to this term. are here to spell the secret of Aran weight yarn.

This article includes:

What is the term Aran weight Yarn?
Tips to knit with Aran weight yarn.
Yarns weight(Strength)
FAQS related to Aran weight Yarn.


What Is The Term Aran Weight Yarn?

Aran Weight Yarn


Heavy worsted weight or 10 ply yarns are known as Aran weight yarn. It is usually categorized in medium weight yarns and also known as medium yarns.  Sometimes you will see the pattern used the worsted and Arn used interchangeably. In the US the Aran weight is most commonly used in comparison to worsted yarn. Worsted weight yarn is slightly lighter than  Aran weight.

Sometimes when we hear about Aran yarns then we also think about Aran sweaters.  But actually, these are two different terms sound the same. Aran weight yarn is a weight category on the other hand Aran sweaters take the name from Aran Island and represent designs with beautiful cables. It will be a great idea to knit the Aran sweater with Aran weight yarn.

Tips To Knit With Aran Weight Yarn:

If you are going to make a pattern that uses Aran and worsted weights interchangeably, then swatching is important. Here you will need to pay great attention to the gauge and make sure you are meeting it.

If you are going to make the British pattern then don’t limit yourself to Aran weight. Worsted yarn may also work well. Sometimes the British knitter also categorizes worsted yarn as Aran weight yarn. Major yarn manufacturers claim that worsted weight yarn is their most commonly used yarn for knitting and crochet purposes.

When you need to have a slighter heavier look in your pattern then the Aran weight is a better option. A great choice to knit the bags with this weight yarn if you are knitting for the purpose to carry heavy tablets and other heavy things with you.

Yarn Weights (Yarn Thickness).

Knitting and crochet yarns have different weights. Yarns thickness create great impact on the look of your knitted pattern and certainly on the amount of time it takes to complete. The thickness of yarns determines how much stitches it will use to knit 1 inch.

Yarns weight(thickness) US Needle Size    Stitches/inch Common uses
Lace 000-1 8-10 For Lace knitting
Superfine fingering or baby weight 1-3 7-8 To make light layettes, socks
The weight of Fine or Sport  3-6 5-6 Light sweaters, baby things, accessories
Light worsted or Double knitting(Dk) 5-7 5-5 1/2 Used to knit sweaters and other garments,
Worsted weight, Afghan or Aran 7-9 4-5 Sweaters, blankets, outdoor wear
Bulky or chunky 10-11 3-3 1/2 This weight of yarn is used to knit  rugs, jackets, blankets
High volume bulky 13-15 2-2 1/2 Heavy blankets and rugs, sweaters

FAQS Related To Aran Weight Yarn.Aran Weight Yarn Crafts

  • Is Aran weight yarn the same as DK?

Aran yarns are also known as medium yarns. They are slighter thicker than DK yarns. If you want to have a delicate look and want to use heavier yarn then Aran yarn will look great.

  • Can I use worsted instead of Aran?

Aran is slighter heavier than worsted. This weight is slighter thicker and gets one or two stitches less than worsted yarn. Both are fairly interchangeable in a pattern you just need to watch the guage.

  • What does Aran mean?

The word Aran is derived from the bible having different meanings like “enlightened or mountain of strength”. Aran also refers to the west coast of Ireland.

  • What ply is medium weight yarn?

The number of wraps will be considered as a gauge to assume the thickness of the yarn.12wraps/inch is 12wpi and is used to calculate how much yarn is required for various articles. Hence 12WPI is equivalent to 8 plies (Medium weight yarn). Aran yarn is not specified by ply but is considered among medium weight yarns.








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