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Anime Girl Drawing: In this category of art, we are going to describe the pencil sketching of an anime Manga girl that is wearing a hat. Anime characters are amazing characters for drawing and sketching. To draw your favorite figures is also fun in it.

Anime Girl Drawing Basic Requirements:

Here is the basic material for the sketching of an anime Manga girl. The required tools are so simple and easy to assemble. Assemble these tools and start sketching of anime Manga girl with us.

  1. Drawing paper and drawing board
  2. DOMS 4B pencil(zoom ultimate dark)
  3. Eraser
  4. Sharpener
  5. Scale
  6. Blending stump tool

Anime Girl Drawing Step By Step Guidance: 

Here is given the complete guide for pencil sketching of an anime  Manga girl. To make the sketch of anime Manga girl just follow the steps and start the sketching process.

Anime Girl Drawing Step 1

Set your drawing paper with a drawing board. Using DOMS 4B pencil, start tracing the flower’s outline. Draw two heart-shaped flowers with a central attachment. Now draw its sepals, one for the right side and the second for the left side.

Then draw two parallel lines on the right side of the flower emerging from the right sepal and petal. Draw a curved line over this flower and parallel lines. This is the top part of the hat. Now draw the outlines of the front part of the hat. As you can see in the picture.

Anime Girl Drawing Step 2


In the 2nd step, outline the face of the anime girl, under the hat. Now draw the baselines for eyes and lips. Following the baselines of eyes, draw the eyelashes of the girl. Thick the lines of eyelashes. Now draw an oval shape line for eyes.

Use the specific anime style for the eyes. Make three circles in each eye. Fill the central circle of the eye with a dark shade of pencil as the eye lens of the girl. Remove the baseline of eyes with an eraser. Follow the given picture above.

Anime Girl Drawing Step 3


In this step, draw the eyebrows and eyelids’ lines of the anime girl. Fill the remaining part of the eye lens with a darker shade. Leave the circles without shade. So you get to shine in eye lenses. Draw the nose according to the picture.

Using the baseline for lips, draw the upper and lower lip of the girl. Using an eraser, remove the additional line of lips. Draw the neck and shoulder line now. Start tracing the hairs. Just draw the outer lines of each layer of the hair. We will Draw the left-sided hairs first. As you can see in the picture above.

Anime Girl Drawing Step 4


In the 4th step, draw some layers of hair on the forehead of the anime girl. Then draw the right-sided layers of hair coming to the front of the shoulder now. Trace the dress line of the girl. Now draw the lower outline of the hat moving backward. Follow the given picture of step 4.

Anime Girl Drawing  Step 5


Create a lining pattern for the hat of the girl.  Make lines in the flower, sepals, and ribbon of the hat. Thick the lining pattern.  Shade the hat of the girl using the light color of the pencil. Use a blending stump tool to blend and soften the shading of the hat. Follow the given picture for the best understanding.

Anime Girl Drawing Step 6


In the last and final step of the sketching, start tracing the hairs. Focus on each layer separately. Use specific techniques with hairs drawing. Leave a bit of space in the center without shading and coloring. Get a shiny effect using this technique.

Thick the lines where needed. Sketch a minor sized circles pattern over the outer lines of the dress including neck and shoulders. Create a thick lining pattern in the dress of the anime girl manga. Using a blending tool, blend the outlines of hairs and dress.

The Cool Drawing of a beautiful anime girl Manga with a hat is complete now.

Watch here step by step process to make an anime Manga girl.


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